21 Peaceful Nurses

Mindful Living Productions is founded on the belief that every person has worth, dignity, and the capacity for creative self-direction. We provide services that help people lead healthy, productive and fulfilled lives. Our workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions will give you the tools you need to bring a new level of awareness to each moment of your life. We help you identify and change the choices, actions and habits that keep you from being fully alive. Using a combination of expressive arts and mindful-based practices, we can help you:

* Enhance health and well being
* Find solutions to life problems intuitively
* Discover your innate artistic talents & unleash creative energy
* Find out what your body really needs for healing
* Heal past relationships & improve present ones
* Help loosen attachments to habits and behaviors that inhibit growth
* Clarify objectives and expand your vision of what's possible
* Use your natural wisdom to live a life that's meaningful, balanced, and fulfilling
* Make more conscious decisions
* Strengthen your spirtual practice